Prayer 3: Prayer of release

So a key ingredient that I’ve realized with these first few prayer is the ingredient of forgiveness. That is especially true for this prayer, and without it, you will always feel trapped and you will never get to experience the fullness and wholeness of Jesus Christ. Now, instead of going into all the deep theological meanings of this prayer and everything the book says about this, I’m going to tell you my own story.  In this chapter, the author talks about forgiving people from your past who have wronged you which I believe is extremely important, but I’m going to take a different approach here. When I thought about it, I’ve never had a person who has wronged me so much that I found it impossible to forgive them. For me, I’ve had one specific sin that I have been caught in for years that has wronged me many times and has made it impossible to forgive myself. Because of this sin, I’ve experienced hurt, pain, and suffering. The prayer of release does three things: 1. It brings us freedom from blaming God. 2. Helps us forgive others. 3. It is a stairway to wholeness. So like I said, the thing that I need to forgive in my life is a specific sin that I’ve struggled with for many years. When I read this chapter, I gained a new perspective on this sin, pornography. Now in today’s culture, in many circles, porn is talked about a normal thing and completely good thing.  I am here to say otherwise. Because of my struggle with it,  I’ve experience more hurt and pain, I have struggled with trust majorly, I have failed to accept God’s love, and I have failed to see the power of God in my life. My relationships have been affected by it and my ability to have a ministry in another person’s life has diminished. Something that I’ve realized in my struggle with it, is that it affects any intimate relationship with the opposite sex. In my mind, it is no different than cheating. It becomes a third wheel in your relationship and it diminishes your ability to love your significant other. So what I did after reading this chapter is I gave porn physical characteristics and I made it into a human being that has wronged me and hurt me many times. When I gave it these physical characteristics, I was able to forgive it, forgive God, most importantly forgive myself for allowing it affect my life so much. Sometimes, we all fail to realize the power of forgiveness in our lives. What we don’t realize is that forgiveness equals freedom. Freedom from guilt and shame, hurt, pain, and suffering. Forgiveness allows us to experience the wholeness of Christ. It allows us to experience God’s love in a whole different way. If there is something in your past that is holding you back and keeping your from your full potential, go to God with it, give it up to him, and allow him to work inside of you! Believe me when I say that it is worth every second no matter how hard it may get!!!


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